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  杰里衬布被广泛应用于民用、军用及外贸服装行业,产品经由国家军需产品质量监督检验中心等单位检测,完全符合军需标准.生产基地占地100多亩.拥有测试研发机构.Nanjing Jieli Textile Co.,Ltd. is a 17-year-history private enterprise,which specifies in researching, developing, producing, and marketing liners for clothing,i,e,integrates technology,manufacture,and trade of clothing liners.The company holds mill buildings covering 55 thousand sq.m.and many introduced advanced equipments including Villars and Caratsch slurry point-coating applicators imported from Switzerland and pre-shrink machines imported from South Korea.There are about 120 employees,of which 56 are technical personnel including 20 and more semisenior and senior technical employees,working in this company.The company established its own offices in Wuxi,Hangzhou,Qingdao,Beijing and other cities,and constantly expands the share of its product in the domestic market.
    We have stable export business since our foundation. The annual export sales amount reaches RMB20,000,000. Our products enjoy fast sales in south-east Asia and EU and American markets.
    It is major business of this company to product and market high-grade liners for shirts,uniforms,trousers' waists,and fillets,middle-and high-grade liners for fashionable dresses,overdresses,and non-woven fabrics liners,counting up to more than 130 varieties,which suit to multifarious requirements of different clothing factories.Of them shirt liners and uniform liners,as the company;s dominant products,they together hold an impressive share in the domestic market thank to their superior quality and favorable performance,which may be proved by that their value of sales takes 60% of total value of sales of all products in this company.
    Annual production capacity of clothing liners in this company is 85 million meters,current annual-output is 50 million meter,and this figure is rising at an annual growth rate of 25%.The value of sales has reached up to 60 million RMB Yuan in 2006.
    Jieli liners are widely used in civil ,military and foreign trade clothing industries.Inspected and tested by inspection units including National Military Supplies Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,they fully conform to relative military supplies standards and national standards.Convincible quality and satisfactory after service have brought this company a good reputation at home.
    Jieli Liners,jointly go ahead along the road of famous brand of fineries with you shoulder to shoulder!


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